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About us

IIlluma Art was born out of a personal mission to address my son's sleeping difficulties. He struggled to fall asleep without a light or the TV on, prompting me to search for solutions. With a deep-rooted passion for art and a home adorned with fantasy artwork, inspiration struck me one night.

As I gazed at one of the designs on my wall, a thought suddenly occurred: "What if there was a light behind the art?" This vision materialized in my mind, resembling a television screen, but instead, it was an illuminated picture.

Motivated by this idea, I embarked on a journey to transform this vision into reality. My first prototype involved wrapping LEDs around a canvas in my living room, creating a mesmerizing illuminated effect on the wall. I sensed that I might be onto something truly special.

When I showed it to my son, he was captivated. Encouraged by his enthusiasm, I crafted a custom piece featuring his favorite Dragon Ball Z image. It worked wonders for him, as he fell asleep peacefully while observing the captivating LED effects. No more leaving the TV on all night, and a significant reduction in my electricity bill brought immense joy to both of us.

Despite our satisfaction with the initial outcome, I believed there was room for improvement. With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing us into lockdown, I dedicated myself to refining this creation. Over the course of two years, I tirelessly worked on prototype after prototype, fine-tuning the concept. Finally, the Illuma Box that you see today was born – a culmination of perseverance and innovation.

When my son laid eyes on the enhanced version of his Illuma Box, he was astounded. He likened the experience to watching a 4K TV and expressed sheer delight. Since incorporating the Illuma Box into his bedtime routine, he no longer relies on the TV to fall asleep.

One of the remarkable features of our Illuma Boxes is the built-in timers. I can easily program the box to automatically turn on and off at specific times, even choosing different schedules for each day. Setting my son's Illuma Box to activate at 6 pm and deactivate at 6 am ensures he enjoys a peaceful night's sleep, every night.

As the founder and company director of Illuma Art, I take great pride in the journey that led us here. Our mission is to provide innovative and captivating illuminated art solutions that enhance sleep and create a serene ambiance. We invite you to explore our collection and experience the transformative power of Illuma Art.

Adam Krysa
Founder & Company Director 


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