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Valour - Voice activated LED Illuma Box

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What the heck is a Illuma Box you ask?


Illuma Boxes are the future of Art! They are the next shift and evolution in light and art. When the 2 merge and become one... Magic starts to happen. Say goodbye to your lamps and ceiling lights, these Illuma Boxes will replace your lighting in your home.


Bring Art to life with the power of Illuma Art 🔥 🔥 🙌🏻

We are Official licensed Sellers of Anne Stokes Art for Lightboxes aka Illuma Boxes.


This Strong and powerful piece is called... “ Valour “ she was envisioned by the wonderfully talented Anne Stokes

Illuma Boxes will illuminate the chosen Artwork to its full potential and make the Art really come to life.


Illuma Boxes look absolutely stunning in any space without ever needing to turn them on,but when you do turn your Illuma Box on even in the daytime, you will witness the art in all its glory and power. See every detail with glorious colour and vibrancy not seen before.


Then when night falls, the real power of the Illuma Box begins, with the Artwork bursting with glorious colour, depth and vibrancy, showcasing such detail and beauty. Our Illuma Boxes hold the power to illuminate any room, you will be amazed with all the effects and features.


Each Illuma Box comes complete with 1 x Ultra High Definition Backlit Illuma Print of your choice. These prints are Interchangeable at anytime. Some of the highest quality prints available. We use the world's leading state of the Art printers. Only the best for our customers.


When you witness your Illuma Box in person most believe they are looking at a High Definition TV, they are shocked to discover it’s actually an illuminated Print.


All our Illuma Boxes are hand-built from premium materials by our partners with over 25 years of experience.


We use state of the Art voice-activated Pro LEDs which are some of the best LEDs on the market today, no cheap Chinese imports here. Only Safe, reliable, fully certified and fire safety regulated LEDs.


Each Illuma Box will replace your Lamps or fixed lighting in your home or workspace. Our A1 & A0 Illuma Boxes are so Bright that when set to 100% Brightness they hold the power to illuminate the entire room, replacing the fixed lighting. When our other sizes will replace most lamps.


Why not Accentuate you're living space, bedroom or man cave with atmospheric lighting for the perfect ambience to watch a movie or just chill and relax.


Especially Perfect for any Man Cave / Cinema Room / Gaming Room / Office or Nursery


Looking for a unique gift for Christmas & Birthdays, look no further.


Illuma Boxes are super ideal for children’s rooms as they make the absolute best nightlights especially when set to 1% Brightness. (my Son can vouch for this) and with built in timers you can set them to turn Off / On at any time of the day / night.


And with only 5watts of power consumed at 1% and 48watts consumed at 100% you can have peace of mind that your electricity bill will not suffer.


All Illuma Boxes are built from high grade aluminium, which is powder coated in either black or white creating a super smooth glossy finish. The edge of the box has a channel running around the outside, this is used to house the high tension fabric Illuma print, these prints have a stitched silicone beed attached around the outside which is inserted into the outside channel of the box, creating a sleek frameless eye catching modern design.


Changing your Illuma Print couldn't be easier, simply pull the small tab located at the bottom corner of the print, this will easily remove the print in a matter of seconds. Then simply replace it with any of our other amazing Illuma Prints (sold separately) by inserting the silicone beed directly into the outside channel.


Smart Wi-Fi Voice Control...


All Illuma Boxes are compatible with Alexa & Google Home Assistant for seamless and always perfect responsive voice control. Adjust the colours of the Art, turn your Illuma Box ON / OFF plus more without ever lifting a finger.


Please note... We also offer custom sizes and designs. We can go as large as 3 meters x 3 meters.


Do you have a design / logo or NFT you would like illuminated? No problem just Message us for details.



Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control to easily change the colours/brightness and effects to personalize your lighting

Smart Wi-Fi Voice Control

All Illuma Boxes are compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant for seamless and always perfect responsiveness voice control. Adjust the colours of your Illuma Print, turn your Illuma Box ON / OFF plus more without ever lifting a finger.

* Smart Voice Control

* RGBIC Effects

* Individual Segmented Led chip control 

* Smart App Control

* Expansive Music Sync Mode 

* 64+ Preset Scene Modes

* Premium Ultra HD Backlit Illuma Print  

* Mains power operated lighting 

* 5 Watts of power at 1% Brightness

* 48 Watts of power at 100% Brightness

* Snap Frame to swap out Art work 

* Interchangeable Backlit Ultra HD Print 

* Built-in Timer Control through App

* DIY Mode - Customise your mode 

* Padded Back Box to protect your Walls 

* French Cleat mounting system 

* Sync Multiple Illuma Boxes together to control them all at once.

* The lifespan of the LEDs = 50,000 hrs = 5.7 years.

So for example If you were to use your Illuma Box every single day at 100% Brightness for 8hrs a day, then the built-in premium LEDs would last for 17 years and 1 month. 

Create the ideal ambience for your indoor activities thanks to our lively lighting effects.

With 64 Scene Modes built-in.

For even more creative freedom, use the DIY mode via the app, which lets you customise your very own scene modes. Add as many custom lighting modes as you like.

Got a party planned? Add more mood-boosting colour and energetic lighting with the Rainbow mode.

Adjustable brightness control from 1% - 100%

Set your box between 1% - 30% Brightness to Enjoy Ambient Lighting for Relaxation mode.

Adjustable segmented colour control, every colour you can imagine with over 16 million variations wow!

Voice-activated control for Brightness / Colour & switching LEDs On / Off using Alexa / Siri or Google home.

Premium Free Govee App from the App Store. Compatible with both Apple & Android. Just search and Download “Govee Home” In the App Store.

Built-in Timer Control Feature. Set up multiple timers to go Off / On any days or times you choose. For example...

Set Illuma Box to come on at 6 pm and turn off at midnight Monday - Friday

Set Illuma Box to come on at 6 pm and turn off at 6 am Saturday - Sunday

3 Way Control using either the Free App on your smartphone. The built-in Control box that is attached to the Illuma Box itself, or my personal favourite, I use all the time...Voice-activated control using either Alexa / Siri or Google home. Perfect responsiveness every time with Voice control.

With Pro RGBIC LEDs, you have the ability to paint your Illuma Print in any of the colours you choose using individual segmented LED chip control, you can have multiple colours all at once, or single colours. Something not possible with the old outdated RGB LEDs on the market, which can only offer single colour modes. Light up your design the way you want.

Lights That Dance With You...

With the super-sensitive built-in mic located inside the control box, your Illuma Box can pick up on the beats of all your favourite music and will dance along to the beat. With a choice of 11 music modes and a range of customisable modes, there’s something to suit all.

Download the Govee App to gain access to all the other various music modes to customise the colours and lighting effects, there are 11 + music modes so far, with more updates coming soon for even more modes and features.

All updates are done through the App so you will always have the latest and greatest features available to you. Govee is constantly adding new and exciting features and modes.

Download the free Govee App from the App Store to gain access to a variety of exciting features for your Illuma Box including 64+ preset scene modes and 11 + music mode functions. With over 16 million colour options you won't be disappointed and you will be ready for any occasion.

1 x Premium Aluminium slim profile (65mm) Illuma Box 

Each illuma Box comes with 1 x Ultra High Definition tension fabric Illuma Print of your choosing.

1 x Full French Cleat mounting system with built-in level to easily, safely and correctly hang your Illuma Box on the wall. The back of the Illuma Box also comes with a protective cushioned surface to protect your Walls from marks and scratches.

1 x 4 meter Power Plug - Plenty of lead to reach any space in your home or workspace.

All Illuma Boxes come with 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty 

© 2022 Anne Stokes Collection. Licensed by

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